Biking, Baking, and Bossing

After sitting on my own website for well over a year and doing nothing with it, I’ve finally decided what I want the focus to be. I want to tell stories about my hobbies and how I apply my learnings to my business. Specifically, leadership and change management. 
I bike. When I am in my basement riding to nowhere, I have clarity that I don’t otherwise get during the day. It’s where I work through problems and find solutions. It’s where I dream up new content and figure out my strategies and tactics. It’s where I go when I need inspiration.
I bake. A very good friend of mine gifted me some of a nine-year-old sourdough starter named Horace. Horace and I make bread, pizza, biscuits, and popovers. I then branched out to tortillas and soon pasta. I find making bread mediative and soothing. Similar to biking, I can find clarity to work out issues. Additionally, I learn a lot from my mistakes as baking takes a certain amount of attention to detail and patience. It’s also why I can never give up biking. 
I boss. Yes, I realize that is poor grammar but I needed the alliteration. I run a business and teach others how to manage change and be leaders. I develop and refine processes and I help build teams. 
I have other hobbies that I’ll talk about too. Like that time I went camping and despite making a list of things to pack, we ended up without any way to light the fire. There’s a lesson in there about planning, I’m sure of it.
My goal with this blog is to share what I’ve learned through my experience, my successes, and most importantly, my failures. If you don’t try and fail, you can’t learn and grow.